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Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power.The power range is typically from tens of watts to several hundred watts. In industry a common application is the variable speed drive (VSD) that is used to control an induction motor. ) Power electronics is the engineering discipline used for the conversion of electrical energy from one form to another.There is a very large market for power electronics. World sales currently exceed USD 60 billion per year, and affect hardware sales of over USD 1 trillion. There are therefore great potential benefits in developing the technology. It gives industry the opportunity to supply products which are more efficient, more durable and smaller, and which allow for more advanced control and monitoring.

This defect tracking system helps to track bug. There are three modules in this tracking system, Administrator, Staff and Customer. The Administrator can login to the app and can enter the details of staff, project, view bugs send from the customers. The admin can also also assign work to staffs, view bug case flow status details, send messages to customers using this bug tracking application. The staff can login to the site using username and password. Then he/she can view the bugs assigned to them. He can directly give solution message to customers or he/she can assign the bugs to other staffs if the bug is related to them. The user may view bug case flow details with which he/she is involved. The customer registers in to the applications and login to the site using username and password. Whenever a bug is raised from his software, he sends the bug details to the administrator with print screen of the bug generated. He/she may see the bug case flow details and bug status along with remedy details at any time using the ticket number generated during new bug entry. This is how bug tracking can be done with this application.

An online bookstore software projects that acts as a central database containing various books in stock along with their title, author and cost. This project is a website that acts as a central book store. This web project is developed using asp.net C# as the front end and sql as a back-end. Such online bookstores tend to get a large amount of online visitors. In order to provide optimal performance and avoid site crash the system needs to be hosted on a cloud infrastructure. The sql database stores various book related details. A user visiting the website can see a wide range of books arranged in respective categories. The user may select desired book and view its price. The user may even search for specific books on the website. Once the user selects a book , he then has to fill in a form and the book is booked for the user. The system thus handles a large amount of users with ease using azure based cloud infrastructure.

The proposed software product is liable to meet the required security needs of data center of cloud. Blowfish used for the encryption of file slices takes minimum time and has maximum throughput for encryption and decryption from other symmetric algorithms. The idea of splitting and merging adds on to meet the principle of data security. The hybrid approach when deployed in cloud environment makes the remote server more secure and thus, helps the cloud providers to fetch more trust of their users. For data security and privacy protection issues, the fundamental challenge of separation of sensitive data and access control is fulfilled. Cryptography technique translates original data into unreadable form. Cryptography technique is divided into symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography. This technique uses keys for translate data into unreadable form. So only authorized person can access data from cloud server. Cipher text data is visible for all people.

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The software system is an online blood bank management system that helps in managing various blood bank operations effectively. The project consists of a central repository containing various blood deposits available along with associated details hosted on windows based cloud server. These details include blood type, storage area and date of storage. These details help in maintaining and monitoring the blood deposits. The project is an online system that allows to check whether required blood deposits of a particular group are available in the blood bank efficiently using cloud server. Moreover the system also has added features such as patient name and contacts, blood booking and even need for certain blood group is posted on the website to find available donors for a blood emergency. This online system is developed on .net with azure cloud platform and supported by an Sql database to store blood and user specific details.

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An attendance system allows to add the attendance of the employee/student who is present on that day. The user has to login and scan their identity card to mark their attendance. As the card has been scanned, the details like id number, date, in-time, out-time are saved in the database. The database will be stored into the azure cloud which will form a dedicated connection between application and cloud server via internet. With the in-time and out-time data stored in cloud, the admin can calculate the working hours of the employees. The employees can view his personal details, attendance, in-time or out-time, total working hours after he/she logs into the system. This data is retrieved from the cloud database and can be accessed any time by the employee and the admin. The admin of the system can add new employee by registering the new employee and filling up their registration details. The admin is authorized to view the records of all the employees. This system allows to keep up to date record of the employee. As, the project files and a database file will be stored into the Azure cloud, the project will be accessed in the web browser through Azure link.

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In the Cloud computing infrastructure, the sharable e-Learning platform can be proposed to provide a good learning environment for learners. Three layer architecture of the e-Learning platform is provided to facilitate the sharing, reusing learning objects and interoperability among various learning content efficiently. The middleware layer imports an indexing module and a metadata transformation module to complete metadata exchange among acknowledged e-Learning standards. Therefore, learners can make use of available learning objects without having to be affiliated with other LMS. The proposed e-Learning platform based on Cloud computing infrastructure would allow the independent LMS embedded in different e-Learning standards to share the learning objects. In short, you can say cloud computing will help huge amount of learning objects to be accessed reliably and flexibly over the Internet.

Steganography is the technique of hiding private or sensitive information within something that appears to be nothing be a usual image. Steganography involves hiding Text so it appears that to be a normal image or other file. If a person views that object which has hidden information inside, he or she will have no idea that there is any secrete information. What steganography essentially does is exploit human perception, human senses are not trained to look for files that have information inside of them. What this system does is, it lets user to send text as secrete message inside an image file, user uploads the image and enters the text to send secretly, and gives a key or a pass word to lock the text, what this key does is it encrypts the text, so that even if it is hacked by hacker he will not be able to read the text. You will need the key to decrypt the hidden text. User then sends the image and key to the receiver and receiver first opens the image, and then he enters the key or password for decryption of text, he then press decrypt key to get secret text of the sender. By using this method you can double ensure that your secret message is sent secretly without outside interference of hackers or crackers. If sender sends this image in public others will not know what is it, and it will be received by receiver.

Using Software backup system, users can store files, documents, images, videos through windows application in a secured manner. In this user can store documents and files in any format which is kept in a separate folder made for each user. The stored folder is only accessible to the authorized users who can access their own folder. It’s a windows application, where all the file details store in SQL Database. If the user found to be unauthorized by the admin, then admin can block a user and also can unblock it whenever required.

Numerous consumer reviews of products are now available on the Internet. Consumer reviews contain rich and valuable knowledge for both firms and users. However, the reviews are often disorganized, leading to difficulties in information navigation and knowledge acquisition. This article proposes a product aspect ranking framework, which automatically identifies the important aspects of products from online consumer reviews, aiming at improving the usability of the numerous reviews. The important product aspects are identified based on two observations: 1) the important aspects are usually commented on by a large number of consumers and 2) consumer opinions on the important aspects greatly influence their overall opinions on the product. In particular, given the consumer reviews of a product, we first identify product aspects by a shallow dependency parser and determine consumer opinions on these aspects via a sentiment classifier. We then develop a probabilistic aspect ranking algorithm to infer the importance of aspects by simultaneously considering aspect frequency and the influence of consumer opinions given to each aspect over their overall opinions. The experimental results on a review corpus of 21 popular products in eight domains demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Moreover, we apply product aspect ranking to two real-world applications, i.e., document-level sentiment classification and extractive review summarization, and achieve significant performance improvements, which demonstrate the capacity of product aspect ranking in facilitating real-world applications.

A project based on Cloud computing to facilitate rural banking. This Project is uses cloud computing concepts to develop a banking system for rural areas. It considers various factors such as lack of devices and amenities in rural areas and provides efficient functionality to fulfill those gaps. It uses the latest variations of cloud computing technology for filling in the various technological gaps in village amenities. Get this software engineering project now.

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