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Human Resource Managers play a vital role in every organization, that of managing the effective functioning of the workforce. This complex, multi-faceted role is particularly crucial in today’s organizations where more and more employees are coming from a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities.ilife academy is the best place for your MBA projects.We are expertise when it comes to MBA projects.


The Employee State Insurance Act, [ESIC] 1948, is a piece of social welfare legislation enacted primarily with the object of providing certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and also to make provision for certain others matters incidental thereto. The Act in fact tries to attain the goal of socio-economic justice enshrined in the Directive principles of state policy under part 4 of our constitution. The act strives to materialize these avowed objects through only to a limited extent. This act becomes a wider spectrum then factory act. In the sense that while the factory act concerns with the health, safety, welfare, leave etc. of the workers employed in the factory premises only. But the benefits of this act extend to employees whether working inside the factory or establishment or elsewhere or they are directly employed by the principal employee or through an intermediate agency, if the employment is incidental or in connection with the factory or establishment

The Indian textile industry has its roots going back several thousand years. After the industrial revolution in Europe, this sector in India also saw its growth of an industrial complex. Today the industry contributes around 14 percent to industrial production in the country. It is estimated to directly employ approximately 35 million people, it accounts to 27 percent of the country’s exports, and in sum, an important economic engine for the nation. There is a great need for good working condition in an industry. The improved working condition leads to improved productivity. Some of the basic reasons for the need for good working conditions are : to increase the loyalty of the employees towards the organization, to reduce injuries due to bad working conditions of machineries, to increase productivity, to reduce resistance due to change, enhancing employees interest towards work, to reduce absenteeism and tardiness, to strengthen the morale and employee commitment.

This project explains about how the exit interview can effectively be used to understand the concept of employer branding which has attracted much focus in today’s scenario. Exit interview is a diagnostic tool for an organization to know about itself from the exiting employees using exit interview forms. Above all employer branding is a very good tool for attracting and retaining the employees in an organization which is deemed to be a nagging source of worry for every organization. The companies that want to strengthen their brand need to listen to its employees..

The researcher has to learn about the basic concepts in HR so as to appreciate and work with involvement in the project. This study helps the researcher in understanding the various HR practices and culture in a retail organization. The relevance of the study from the company point of view is that it can come to know about the employees’ perception about the Organizational HR practices and culture prevailing in their organization. With the analysis they can review the HR practices as per the wishes of the employees. The relevance of the study from the company point of view is that it can come to know about the perception of the workers in relation to the HR practices and the culture of the organization. The company can take the necessary corrective measures in their structure to promote greater productivity in the organization. The researcher can acquire knowledge about the real environment of a retail organization and learn about the various HR practices followed there..

The project called “ An Evaluative study on Scientific Screening process in a Recruitment Consulting Firm- company”, was conducted at Chennai for ABC Consulting Group. This research has been done among the employees of the organization in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It focuses on ascertaining the effectiveness of candidates screening process in company. The main objectives are to find out the nature and scope of the process which would offer a way to define a job; which would be an index of an candidates suitability for a given job; which would calculate how well an applicant matches the job defined; which would collect the required data from the candidates to predict performance for the job. The nature of the research is “Descriptive method” and population study was made. The data collection method used in the research is Questionnaire method. Important findings of the study are that all the respondents are aware of screening process. 85.29% of respondents are given enough information about the client when dealing with the requirement. 64.71% of the respondents were not given job description for all the requirements. All the respondents keep a track and maintain the data for future screening of candidates. This research study helps the company to formulate strategies for screening process to be an effective one for its growth. Suggestions and recommendations have been given to enhance and promote the effectiveness of screening process in company. .

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