"I apply so much from what I learnt here, and it is now very easy for me to apply things at my new business."

Web Design & Web Developemnt Course Graduate

Proprietor - AJ Communications

Learn to do Smart Work makes me Happy !

I am from Kumbakonam, around 3 hours away from Trichy.

Before starting my course here at Ilife Academy, I was studying at another institute. Somehow, I didn't feel very comfortable there, so I started looking for other options and that is when I found Ilife Academy.

Initially, I was very nervous as I was still new to Trichy.

But the Staff at Ilife Academy was very encouraging and patient with me. They took the time to explain all the concepts and their practical applications. The Counsellor who sat with me and explained all the options to me clearly was especially helpful.

After the course completion career support team helped me to place in the industry. Now i am happy with my own start-up company named as AJ Communications.

I highly recommend you to start your web career from Ilife Academy !

Sheik Mydeen