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An MBA in Marketing has become one of the most desired degrees by both students and employers in recent years. With the shift to digital and online marketing, most businesses now have their own, in-house marketing teams specializing in bringing traffic and customers to the company. The skillset can be put towards dozens of other career options, from consulting to entrepreneurial management. However, if you like the sound of taking on a diversified role in an ever-changing landscape, the role of the marketing manager might just be your calling.So,MBA project plays a major role in shaping your career.Then,ilife academy is the best place for your MBA project.


Companies have always tried to influence and manage their customers' experiences through marketing, sales, and service and support activities. They have always tried to deliver a consistent set of cues, messages and human interactions that, taken together, create "the customer experience." CEM however, is very new. A perfect complement to CRM initiatives, CEM allows companies to understand what a customer thinks, feels, wants, and experiences with regard to their people, products, and processes. It does so at a granular level enabling the organization to take immediate action to exploit opportunities, reduce costs, and improve revenues, while directly improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study conducted on financial service provided by CITY finacial service to their cutomers

The project has been undertaken for Spencer’s, Chennai. The vision of the project work is to make a study on the customer relationship management – an empirical study. The research process data has been collected purely based on ( both primary & secondary data) research design used for this study is descriptive research. Simple average and weighted average analysis are the tools used for the study. The first chapter deals with the introduction of the study, objectives of the study, scope of the study, and the limitations of the study and company profile. The second chapter deals with the research design, data collection method and tools used for analysis. The third chapter presents with the data analysis and interpretation. The fourth chapter summarizes the findings, fifth chapter deals with suggestion and sixth chapter with conclusion of the study.From this study how they are maintaining good customer relationship with customers. It needs to take necessary steps by considering the suggestions for further improvement and success of the mall.

This project report aims at understanding the most vital aspect of any sales companys sales management and leadership. Today every organization is into some kind of sales – goods, idea or services. As such, we need to appreciate the system that runs the life of these firms with its salesperson, which is also a very important part of the marketing of products in companies. The study takes an insight into the various aspects of the sales management and sales leadership, sales territory and time management. Then we will look at the system that these organizations have put up in place to address these issues.

To analyze the level of awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top premier Business schools without leaving their city. The researcher has done the project on Identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top B’ schools” is the subject of the study at Direcway Global Education, Coimbatore. Since the Direcway offered courses from Premium Business schools such as IIM, XLRI and IIFT etc. have reached 50% of the corporate sectors. The company is very keen to know the reasons for its lack of market penetration and to make suitable and remedial actions to competitors. The consumer study has gained momentum and organizations are striving hard to get inputs from the consumer’s about these needs for pursuing the courses from this intuition. So a study of this kind is done to capture the insights of consumers towards Direcway Global Education.

The report presents the results of the study conducted on the Analytical study of premium credit card users for their choice and to create a customer profile for future promotion. The study helps to find what feature of the card attracted the customer for applying for a particular card and to find out for what purpose the customers use their card like shopping or for fuel purpose or hotels etc. From the survey it is understood that the Credit limit , good customer service , reward points can increase the sales of credit card. And major reasons for loosing customers is due to lack of good customer service. Customers use their card mainly for traveling ,for fuel and in hotels ,so more reward points are to be given in order to increase the subscription of credit cards.

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